Our brass press fittings are durable and anti-corrosion fittings for PEX / Al Pex pipes fittings for radiant and are ideal for transporting water and other chemicals. We also produce and supply lead-free brass fittings with DVGW certificates for drinking water applications.
We supply different types of fittings, compression for Pex and Multi- layer pipes using brass, chrome, and nickel materials.
Our fittings include Elbow, Tee, coupling, reducers, couplings, nipples, adaptors, and unions.
All our products are certified for water applications for versatile applications. We offer different types of thicknesses and materials for many industries and also offer customized products to different clientele in Jordan, KSA, UAE, and other regional countries.

Advantages of brass press fittings:

  1. Tolerance of high temperatures.
  2. Save time and money.
  3. Durability.
  4. Withstand high temperatures.
  5. Corrosion Resistant.
  6. Very Malleable.