Floppy Sprinkler Systems

Is an advanced and patented sprinklers technology extensively used for many applications that offers a solution to critical water resources in the world. Floppy Sprinkler technology embraces the three macro drivers of the global agricultural sector namely water saving, energy saving and environmental sustainability. This innovative technology ensures the effective application of water in various industries – Agriculture, Golf courses, Landscaping, Nurseries, Solar Panel Cleaning, Dust Control, Mine-dump Leaching, Fire Protection and Domestic Gardens. Precision Agriculture is enhanced through cooling and the accurate application of fertigation and pesticides.

Why Use Floppy Sprinklers?

– Electricity and Water Savings.

– No Maintenance Needed for The Technology.

– Patented Technology for Irrigation Applications.

– Extensive Range of Benefits and Applications.

– Rain on Demand Technology.

Industries We Serve

Fire Protection

The larger droplet of the Floppy Sprinkler technology makes it ideal for Fire protection. Thatch roofs and wooden structures is a huge risk factor.

Solar Panels Cleaning


Floppy Sprinkler technology is highly suitable for the Solar Energy industry as a method to clean the solar system to ensure higher efficiency.

Agricultural applications


The increasing demand for intensification of agricultural land for food production directs the industry towards precision farming.

Greenhouse Applications


The increasing demand for intensification of agricultural land for food production directs the industry towards precision farming

Key Features

    Reduces the usage of energy by 30%.
    Direct water saving of 30%.
  • Maintenance Saving
    With no moving and wearing parts it requires no maintenance.
  • Labour Saving
    The solid set floppy system can be automated and fewer operators are needed to manage large areas.
    Floppy irrigates any size land – from ½ acre to tens of thousands of acres.
    Floppy is suitable for cooling – important for higher yields in hot climates.
    Floppy irrigates every square of inch of the land, eliminating fall-out corners,
    Floppy has flow control equipped. Ensures accurate fertigation, pesticide control and foliar feed.