(Polypropylene random crystalline technology)

Polypropylene random crystalline is enhanced crystalline that enables the pipe to operate at higher temperatures and pressures at elevated temperature tests. PP-RCT enables designers to achieve higher pressure ratings than with traditional PP-R pipes of the same wall thickness, or they can utilize PP-RCT’s higher pressure rating and down-gauge to a thinner wall pipe offering higher hydraulic capacities and cost savings.
We offer best PPRCT Pipes and fittings in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria.
We produce a wide range of best quality PPCRT pipes and fittings that are approved to European standards.

Standards Certifications:

  • DIN 8077, Germany.
  • DIN 8078, Germany.
  • DIN 16962, Germany.
  • EN ISO 15874 Europe
  • DVGW
  • ISO 9001.
  • Intertek.
  • TZW.